Construction safety refers to the condition or feeling of being safe during the construction process.Being safe means that the construction workers will not be in danger, and will be free from harm’s reach.Workers who are safe will feel safe in that they are working in a risk-free environment where their health and lives are not in danger.
There are many causes of accidents during the process of construction.The first one is the workers may be careless when handling construction equipment.This may be due to lack of adequate training on proper handling of such equipment.Most of the machinery used during construction is very heavy.A construction worker may sustain serious injuries when such equipment falls on them.It may even lead to death.

There may also be some technical defects in the equipment being used during the construction process.Faulty machinery could malfunction and hurt a construction worker.Some of the materials that are used during construction nay have been processed wrongly.Such materials could even cause an explosion which can result in fatalities.Lack of proper maintenance of construction machinery might make the equipment to function improperly.This could endanger the lives of the workers.Lack of proper supervision of the construction process could mean that cemented areas which may not have dried may collapse and injure the workers.

In Singapore, there are many vacancies in the construction industry.People are encouraged to apply so that they can have a source of income.The construction companies in Singapore ensure that proper training of their employees is carried out to ensure their safety.Many safety precautions are taken in a bid to ensure that the workers do not work in an environment where their lives are at stake.Construction managers are hired to visit the job site before construction begins.They evaluate the site and give the go-ahead to begin construction only if the site is safe.They also act as overseers during construction.

These construction managers have a responsibility to check for any defaults in the construction equipment.They do this with the help of mechanical engineers who are professionals in the field.Construction managers are also tasked with making sure that the materials to be used during construction such as cement and machines are stored properly.Workers may be hurt by nails which are stored haphazardly.Through proper storage, the availability and reliability of all materials are also assured.When cement is not kept in a dry place, it may come into contact with moisture or even rain, which will make it hard, leading to losses due to material destruction.The Singapore building community has taken all these considerations in a bid to enhance a safety culture during the construction process. Take a look at this link for more information.


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